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12th December 2022

Winter Rural Retreat at Osea

Looking to escape the city and find a rural glamping retreat? Treat yourself to a luxury winter getaway, enjoy fresh country walks before hunkering down in a cosy cabin. Osea Meadows, near Maldon, offers a range of stylish, heated glamping huts and pods which are ideal for your winter staycation. Here’s some of our favourite wintry things to see and do at Osea.

Beautiful beach walks
If you are looking for a real escape from it all, then a beach in winter is the place to be. Perfect clear skies, fresh sea air and just you and almost no one else on the sand. Winter is also a fantastic time to spot the flocks of migrating birds that visit our shores. The beach is also a great place in wintertime to have fun with your four-legged friends and let your dog off the lead. Don’t forget to bring your thick, woolly socks and hat!

The sky at night
Osea’s coastal location is famed for its ‘big sky’. However, it is on clear winter nights that the big sky comes alive with stars. Our rural location means there’s minimal light pollution, so you’ll get clear views of constellations and planets. You can use apps to identify The Big Dipper, The Plough, the North Star and look for Mercury and meteors. Don’t forget to bring binoculars to get much closer to the stars!

Hot tub time
To bring your perfect winter day to a perfect end, there’s no better way than to be sat, relaxing in a hot tub with friends and loved ones. It may be cold outside but in the hot tub, surrounded by relaxing bubbling water, you can recline in the warmth and look out over Osea Meadows and feel like a snow Queen or King.

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