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1st June 2019

Create your own Springwatch at Osea Meadows

Fascinated by watching all the cute and cuddly Springwatch wildlife on your TV screens? Why not get-up close and experience wildlife for yourself with a short break at Osea Meadows? The glamping and camping site is set in acres of estuarine landscape set alongside the beautiful Blackwater estuary near Maldon, Essex. The site has been awarded many major gongs for its work with the environment including conservation awards from David Bellamy, it’s also home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Mini beast hunt
It’s always fun to go on a mini beast hunt and discover what creepy crawlies are living under stones, leaves or earth. Here you’ll need to get on your hands and knees to take a peek at life underground. It can be fascinating studying a spider, beetle, or even a worm, watch as they move and marvel at their minute structure. Take a note of what sorts of mini beasts you find, perhaps sketch a couple and add up how many you find.

Spring is a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors. It’s also a good time to watch rabbits, hares, deer, foxes, hedgehogs, bats and badgers. Sometimes it is a good idea to have a very early morning stroll or perhaps a night walk to catch some of these mammals in action as many are nocturnal. If your quest for mammals seems elusive, why not follow some of their tracks and see where they could lead?

Whatever time of the year Osea is a haven for birds. Migratory birds gather over the estuary and create an amazing site as they flock together. Wander around Osea and carefully look at our bird boxes to see if there’s any nesting. Listen to the sound of bird song and guess which birds are hiding in the trees. Take some binoculars and sit by the water’s edge and see which birds you can see wading in the estuary. Create your own log and please do let us know how you get on!

Book your glamping wildlife retreat
Osea Meadows is perfectly situated on the Blackwater estuary near Maldon, Essex. The campsite offers a wide choice of camping and glamping opportunities from safari-lodge style tents and a tree house to glamping pods and bell tents. To book your glamping ‘Springwatch’ safari at Osea Meadows, simply visit

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