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26th May 2020

Covid-19 Update – Owner FAQ’s

Why is the park closed?
The government has made the decision to close holiday parks to stem the infection rate from COVID-19. This is not a decision that has been made by the managers or owners at Osea Leisure, but it is our moral and legal duty to follow these government guidelines regarding what businesses can and cannot be open.

When can I return to my holiday home?
Following the updated guidelines released on Monday 11th May, Osea Leisure may re-open as part of stage 3 of the government’s conditional plan, meaning it is possible that the park may reopen on 4th July. This means that the park will remain closed throughout May and June and we may be able to open at the earliest on the 4th July. This assumes that the infection rate of COVID-19 continues to decrease. The government will be monitoring this situation and releasing additional guidelines nearer the time. Please remember that the 4th July is their target date and not an opening date and you should not expect to return to your holiday home before then.

Why are some people remaining on park?
There were several government stipulated conditions that allowed owners who were on park at the time of the lockdown to remain on park. These included being proven key workers, those unable to return to their main address and high-risk vulnerable people advised not to travel. These people remain on Osea following the latest guidelines on social distancing. Details of all people permitted to remain have been supplied to the council.

Why have some people returned to the park since lockdown?
There are several reasons why people can come to their second home in an emergency. Each of the people who have returned were assessed by the park, evidence gathered to support their reason and then clearance given by the council to allow them to return to the park. This is not a decision made solely by Osea management and guidance from the council is followed.

Can we visit the park or friends on park?
No, the park remains closed for any new returning owners, visitors, and guests. Please do not come to the park to ‘exercise’. This includes access to the beach.

Can we come to Osea to launch our boat?
No, the boat ramp remains closed to anyone not on the park. Should you wish to come and collect your boat from the boat yard to launch elsewhere then please contact the park Tuesday or Friday between 10 and 3 to arrange a time to do so.

Why are contractors allowed on park?
Contractors are allowed on park to complete essential maintenance where necessary in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, this will allow a smooth re-opening as and when this is cleared by the government.

Are you looking after our plots?
We review every plot every day to ensure there are no issues. We are also working with some of the owners permitted to be on park to cut the grass for those not on park. The grass is being kept at a manageable level. However, we have a vastly reduced maintenance team on park so only business critical maintenance is being completed. Once we are back open and the team un-furloughed, we will be working to clear the back log of maintenance jobs.

Will I get a site fee refund?
We will be reviewing options for our owners once the park is open however currently we are not in a position to discuss this further.

When will the meadows be open?
We do not have a definite date for this as yet but the Meadows also falls within stage 3 of the government’s plan and so the earliest date we may reopen will also be 4th July.

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