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29th April 2019

Are you ready for a digital detox?

Technology has revolutionised our lives. We can now connect with friends and family by just a swipe of a screen. But when we’re enjoying quality family time, or the great outdoors, do we really want to spend our time online? Perhaps it’s time to consider a digital detox?

What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is simple. It’s when you unplug from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and perhaps even satnav and remember a time when you weren’t always available, or worrying about how many likes your last post received! Taking the family camping or glamping is the perfect time to unplug and relax.

Top tips to help you through your digital detox:

Plan ahead

For most youngsters being parted from their mobile phone or tablet is terrifying! Make sure you plan ahead. Tell your children that the family are going to try a digital detox so that you can spend the best time together. Talk about what they would like to do and make sure you add in their fun activities to your holiday.

Also make sure all homework is completed in advance, so there’s no last minute excuse for youngsters to go on laptops and tablets.

Lead by example

No one likes a hypocrite! So, make sure if you set the rules you also lead by example. Otherwise your short break could be ruined with far too many family arguments.

Bring out the camera

Glamping is a good opportunity to get some great photos of friends and family. But, if you’re all round the campfire, or relaxing in your glamping pod, take shots on a real camera, not your mobile phone. If you take pictures on a camera you’ll be less likely to want to check your mobile phone messages. It will also stop you from instantly uploading images to Facebook and Instagram.

Create fun family activities

Glamping or camping are great opportunities to get the family together and create special memories. Think about what fun family activities would make everyone happy. If you’re cooking on the barbecue let the children help you. Pack a bat and a ball to keep youngsters active and don’t forget a pack of cards, just in case the weather isn’t too bright. Charades is still a good family favourite as well as making up stories in the dark from your sleeping bag covers.

Review the digital detox

When you’re back home have a chat with the kids about the digital detox. Discuss what worked well and whether there was anything to be learnt from the detox? Are there any activities that you would like to do again? Is there anything you can change in your daily lives?

Osea Meadows offers a wide range of glamping options from treehouses and bell tents to glamping pods and lodge tents. To book your glamping break and try a digital detox – although wifi is available – visit

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