OSEA Leisure Park Homes

The Meadows site map our services Logs for fire pits Additional logs can be purchased from: Reception –Monday to Sunday 9am– 5pm Warden – Monday to Sunday 5pm– 10pm. LOGS £8.50 per bag or 3 bags £21.00. CHARCOAL £6.00 per bag. BBQ Family disposable size £6.00 each. Games Room Vending machines are available if you fancy a drink or snack. REFUSE The refuse and recycling area can be found next to the Games Room. DOGS Please keep your dog on a lead, except when in the dog park. Please make sure you pick up any mess after your dog, place in the bins provided. DO NOT leave your dog unattended. Grounds Compound Outdoor Gym Children’s Playground Boat Storage Van Park Safari Tents 1 3 4 5 6 2 Master Safari Te 1 2 3 4 Royal Pods Toilets Showers CWD 1 3 Emperor Pods Car Park Royal Pods Car Park